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How to Login Hotmail from Opera: Steps for Desktop and Mobile

You may have noticed that Hotmail has a new design and is now called Outlook.com. The Hotmail login page in Opera browser has changed too, so if you are having difficulty logging into Hotmail from Opera browser, then this post will help you get started with the steps to do just that for both desktop and mobile browsers.

 Login Hotmail from Opera

What is Opera Browser?

Opera is a web browser for computers that provides features not found in other browsers, such as tabbed browsing and data compression. Opera’s user interface includes tabs to manage multiple pages at once with each tab handling one webpage of content. Operating systems may have Hotmail or Outlook email interfaces built-in which can also be used to log into Hotmail from the computer’s desktop version.

Why Opera is the Most Secure Browser?

Opera is one of the most secure browsers on Earth which means it can protect your logins, data, and browser cookies as well. In addition to this Opera also encrypts all passwords and Hotmail login credentials with automatic encryption so that you never have to worry about identity theft or having your information compromised when using Opera for Hotmail Login UK.

Login Hotmail using Opera Web Browser on Windows:

  • Open your Opera browser window by clicking “Start” then “Programs”, then find the “Opera Mini”.
  • Double click the icon next to it so you open it up, this will take about 15 seconds depending on how fast your internet connection is.
  • Hotmail will automatically open up a window and prompt for your email address, password, or phone number to log in with. Enter this information accordingly and click “Sign In” on the bottom of the screen when finished.

You may also be asked which version you use (Desktop or Mobile) in order to automatically fill out forms that require certain fields like ’email’ instead of just displaying these options as blank spaces under Hotmail’s login form. Select whichever one corresponds to what type of device you’re using Opera on.”


Opera is a web browser with some amazing features that Hotmail users will love. With the Opera Browser,  Hotmail can be accessed from your desktop computer or mobile phone to keep up-to-date on emails and other important tasks. This post discusses how to do this step by step for both devices.